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Business France team, with the support of the EU Delegation and the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce is pleased to gather on 31st of May, numerous representatives of public and private entities in Thailand, to address the challenging topic of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial sector. 

Carbon emissions reduction is the main lever to fight climate change, and in the current context of increasing global warming, every country around the world is concerned. Either by suffering from the impact of global warming, or by contributing to it, often by doing both…   

  • On one side, France economy is a developed country, with an intensive carbon emissions economy, industry, and lifestyle that needs to transition quickly to meet its commitment. The country must divide its current emissions by five in less than 30 years! To do so, France strategy rely heavily on its industrial sector. Thus, for the last years, French companies from various sectors (Energy production, energy efficiency, transport…) developed a strong expertise and business case feedback. 

  • On the other side, Thailand is a major economy of Southeast Asia. Its industrial transition started in the 90’s. If the carbon emissions per capita of the country are far behind the ones observed in Europe (for example) the country must still tackle the challenge of reducing its GHG emissions while maintaining its growth. 

The event will first focus on European Delegation, French Embassy and Thai government representatives who will share the strategies developed by their institutions, to support and reach the carbon emissions reduction committed at the COP 26 in Glasgow last November. Afterwards, French, and Thai companies operating in Thailand will present their business case, expertise, and solutions. 

We hope this event will be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between French and Thailand countries, and to show our commitment to support Thailand Economic development in a sustainable way.

The Business France Team.


H.E. Thierry MATHOU 
Ambassador of France to Thailand

This event aims at opening the discussion between European and French entities with Thai Institutions and the private sector, to address a major challenge of this century: reducing greenhouse gas / or carbon equivalent emissions to limit global warming.

I would like to thank Khun Kulit SOMBATSIRI, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy of the Royal Government of Thailand and H.E David Daly, Ambassador of the European Union to Thailand, for contributing to the opening of this event ...  «Read more»

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